4 Tips For Birght & Vivid Firework Displays

4 Tips For Birght & Vivid Firework Displays

26 March 2021
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Along with the firework design itself, one of the key factors when watching firework displays is the visibility. As fireworks launch up, you want to see the colors, explosions, and sparks that fly off each design. When you purchase sets of fireworks, follow some tips to ensure the best quality visuals each time you light them up.

1. Use Flashers

If you want bright and vivid fireworks, then look for flashers. Flashers give off huge bursts of light when they light up and can create a really vivid visuals from far distances. The flashers you purchase can include constant flashers or fireworks that display flashers every couple of minutes or so.

Many flashers are bright and white, but you may find products with colored flashers like red and blue.

2. Shut Off Lights

Lights can make a huge difference on the visuals of a fireworks display. Turn off every light possible when lighting a firework. This includes flashlights, lanterns, and cell phone screens. If you are in your backyard, you may consider turning off every porch light and even internal house lights that shine through windows.

The lights can easily draw you away from the fireworks and minimize the impact of the beautiful displays.

3. Complete Darkness

Along with shutting off the lights, you should wait until the outside is completely dark before lighting the fireworks. If there is any sign of light, then you may lose out on the full effect of the fireworks. You can look up the sunset time in your area and then wait until at least an hour after sunset for the best visuals.

The night will be dark and you can enjoy multiple firework displays.

4. Check Weather Elements

The weather can have an impact on your firework experience as well. Obviously, you do not want to shoot fireworks off in the rain, but a cloudy night can provide even darker skies for low-flight fireworks and fountains. Most consumer fireworks will not launch above high clouds, so you can see them clearly without stars and moonlight impacting the visuals.

Besides cloudy days, you can check out the moon calendar. Full moons add a lot of brightness to the sky. When you purchase Black Cat fireworks for sale, you may want to wait to light them off until there is a new moon. With a new moon, there is no extra brightness in the sky and all of the focus can remain on the firework displays.

Use these tips to have your best firework experience.