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How to apply to drive for Fare.

For detailed instructions on how to download the Drive Fare app, as well as a step by step guide to complete the application process,  click here.

Earn 80% of all your fares.

Common sense pricing that benefits you and your clients.

Keep 100% of all your tips.

Yes!  There is an in-app tipping option, giving your clients a convenient way to say, “Thank You.”

Build up your clientele and build a business.

Have clients? Keep them and introduce them to Fare. Want clients? Now you can get them and keep them. Fare isn’t just an app; it’s a business engine in the palm of your hand.

Earn passive income by sharing your FARE ID.

Market your business with your FARE ID.  Share your ID with friends and family.  Share it on social media…creative marketing is in your hands.

By marketing your ID, you will earn 90% on trips that you complete with passengers you refer.

You can also earn passive income based on 10% of all the trips your referrals take in the Fare network with others drivers.

Manage your business with tools in the app.

Drive for Fare and keep track of your clients and referrals easily.

Watch your all time earnings grow, sorted by clients, referrals, fares and tips.