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No surge pricing.

You can count on the price being consistent.  With other companies like Uber and Lyft, you could get stuck paying a higher price if you needed a ride during a high demand time.  Not with Fare rideshare.

Choose who you ride with.

You know, you order up a ride, then up pulls a small vehicle needing a good cleaning and a driver in a bad mood… YIKES!  Not with Fare.

Like your driver?  Like their roomy, clean vehicle?  You can add them to your Preferred Drivers list, then request rides from the list in the future.

Option to schedule your trips in advance.

You can schedule trips with your Preferred Drivers.

You can use Fare rideshare to schedule trips 30 minutes to 7 days in advance

Earn 10% in free ride credits by sharing your FARE REFERRAL ID.


Earn free rides every time your referrals ride with Fare. There is no limit to how many ride credits you can get.